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Cost effective migrations, 5x cheaper, 100x simpler.

Moving to your new cloud should be pain free and that means on your back pocket as well.

Cost effective cloud storage migrations


Pay only for the data you migrate

Movebot will migrate your data for a one-off fee, you don't move every day, so simply pay as you go.


  • No monthly subscriptions

  • No data limits - fully scalable

  • Free 5GB trial

  • No downtime


We only charge you when your migration has finished successfully.

Less than 10TB

$0.39 per GB

100GB Included
Min charge $49.99

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More than 10TB

$0.29 per GB

Premium Support
No min charge

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Pricing Estimator

Get a price estimation with our simple calcuator. If you have more than 250TB, get in touch, we offer heavy discounts for volume.


Data Volume:

Estimated Cost: $USD

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Need a Movebot Human?

Have more questions or more than 250TB of data, get in touch, we have volume discounts and can work with your budget and time constraints.


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