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Pay only for the data you migrate

Movebot will migrate your data for a one-off fee, you don't move every day, so simply pay as you go.

  • No monthly subscriptions
  • No data limits - fully scalable
  • Free 5GB trial
  • No downtime

We only charge you when your migration has finished successfully.

Less than 10TB

$0.39 per GB

100GB Included
Min charge $49.99

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More than 10TB

$0.29 per GB

Premium Support
No min charge

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Pricing Estimator

Get a price estimation with our simple calcuator. If you have more than 250TB, get in touch, we offer heavy discounts for volume.


Data Volume:

Estimated Cost: $USD

Talk to us about your migration

We will get back to you within 24 hours, we promise.

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