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Privacy and Security with Movebot

Keeping data secure

Your data is important

Movebot understands how important your data is, and keeping it safe while handling it with care is a priority of ours. We are a New Zealand based company, which we hope gives you confidence and the peace of mind that you can trust us. 


Movebot is built on Couchdrop's architecture. Couchdrop was founded in 2018 and is a virtual file system for the cloud. Couchdrop's service is also trusted by companies to handle secure file transfer for medical, financial and other sensitive industries 


To summarise the majority of our privacy and security policy... We do not store your data. We act simply as the conduit between your platforms.

With any Cloud service, especially one dealing with your files, privacy is a huge concern.

Movebot does not hold nor store the data you are transferring. Movebot is a processing agent only. All data is temporarily stored in memory until it is transferred to the targeted endpoint, as designated by the end user. Movebot utilises secure API's provided by your chosen cloud endpoints via HTTPS. Otherwise if you choose another means SFTP this is secured via an SSH tunnel.

The only information stored by Movebot is your Movebot account credentials and any API tokens you supply with us. All other means of authentication and data is held using OAuth and your cloud endpoints chosen security protocols. Financial information is held by Stripe as too all payments.

From time to time Movebot may email you, and your provided email address with updates on the product and questions. Your email address may be stored in a third party CRM or service that assists with marketing material, i.e. Mailchimp, HubSpot, PipeDrive, Salesforce to name a few.

Movebot utilises Facebook and Google Analytics, marketing and pixels. This is to improve our advertising and marketing strategies only and is no information is sold to a third party. Movebot holds Google Analytics information for 14 months in total.

For more information, contact the team info@movebot.io
Globally Secure

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Privacy Policy and EULA


Locate our privacy policy and EULA here

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Security Whitepaper

Download Movebot's security overview for an in-depth dive into Movebot's architecture and security posture. 


Download Security Whitepaper

Need a Movebot Human?


If you have any questions or require further assistance please access top notch support at support@movebot.io

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