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google drive migrations

We make it Simple

Self-manage your migration through our simple cloud interface. No software installation, infrastructure or downloads required. 

We'll email to let you know when the migration is complete. It's that simple


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Super fast migrations

Movebots proprietary cloud migration platform is the fastest in the business. Migrate Terabytes of data in hours with our optimized army of migration workers. 

fast google drive migrations


secure cloud migrations

Movebot is Secure

We use dedicated virtual servers for each migration, ensuring that there is no possibility of data loss or eavesdropping. Movebot also supports over ten geographic locations worldwide to keep your data local.

We care about your data as much as you do.


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Features to support your needs

As well as simple cloud-to-cloud migration we've got a few more handy features to make your migration hassle free


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Shared Drives and Team Migrations

As well as supporting individual migrations, Movebot supports migrating users, teams, sites, organisations and shared drives.

Supports Terrabytes of Data

Got loads of data? Movebot can quickly and easily move 100s of Terrabytes of data.

File Server to Cloud Migrations

Movebot securely moves data from on-premise file servers to the cloud using an easy to run Movebot agent or SFTP.

Need a Movebot Human?

Even though Movebot is fully automated, totally reliable and easy to use, we've got your back and happy to help.


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