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Movebot is the next generation cloud data migration tool that offers lightning fast, simple and cost effective cloud storage migrations.

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Built to make migrations frictonless

Movebot is a fully hosted cloud to cloud and on-premises to cloud migration platform. Our intuitive web interface makes self managing your migration easy and our automated backend takes care of the heavy lifting.

No technical know-how required. 

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Leave no data behind

Migrations can involve thousands of users, complex folder structures and distributed data.

Movebot's comprehensive set of features supports versioning, permissions, metadata and all those tricky nuances that come with storing data.


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Shared Drives and Team Migrations

As well as supporting individual migrations, Movebot supports migrating users, teams, sites, organisations and shared drives.

Permissions, Versioning and Metadata

Movebot supports a holistic migration by retaining versioning, permissions, creation and modification time and other metadata.

File Server to Cloud Migrations

Movebot securely moves data from on-premise file servers to the cloud using an easy to run Movebot agent or SFTP.

Movebot moves Terabytes per day

Optimised for speed, our intelligent platform scales workers and threads while balancing rate limiting and network throughput to maximise bandwidth.

Movebot autoscales worker nodes to process your migration in double speed. 


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White-glove migrations with Movebot

As market leaders in the data migration space, the Movebot professional services team adopt their years of cloud storage experience to provide a smooth transition to your new cloud platform.

Movebot’s professional services team will work closely with your organisation to provide comprehensive support and assistance throughout your migration journey.



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