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Movebot keeps data migrations simple for MSP's

Posted by Colin Hogg on Nov 16, 2022 12:10:10 PM
Colin Hogg
Movebot-keeps-data-migration-simple-for-mspsWhen it comes to technical change or optimization of services and platforms, Managed service partners (MSP’s) are trusted partners for their clients. Clients rely on their MSP’s as experts, and as such, they expect MSP’s to use the optimum solutions for their projects.

Benefits of Movebot for MSP's

Movebot for MSP’s delivers scalable, fast, secure and cost effective data migrations. Whether it’s an on-premises solution moving to over 30 cloud platforms or cloud to cloud data migration (Google to Google Workspace), Movebot scales from a few hundred GB to several PB of data transferred quickly, accurately and securely. 
Movebot is built on Couchdrop’s modern cloud native architecture meaning it is infrastructure free and scales to any amount of data (even PB scale), there’s no need to worry about spinning up and managing compute power - Movebot does all of the heavy lifting. Movebot’s architecture means that data is never stored at rest and is fully encrypted in transit, meaning your data is always secure and transfers quickly

Self-service data transfers for MSP's

Movebot is designed to be a self-service tool, especially for MSP’s. We believe in reinforcing the MSP’s trusted client relationship, setting migration projects up for success and providing great support if and when needed. MSP’s can set the project up for success by getting a full overview of the data to be migrated. This helps find any potential issues as well a measure of the true amount of data to be migrated (and therefore cost) prior to the actual data migration.
Movebot’s FREE pre-migration scan provides a full overview of the data, its structure and any potential issues which will generally be taken care of automatically by the tool. We always recommend that this free scan is done to set up the migration for success. 
Movebot has partnerships with a number of key platform providers Dropbox (Strategic Migration Partner), Google Cloud, Microsoft, Backblaze, Egnyte, and Box, making it easy for MSP's working with these platforms to use Movebot. 

Keeping things simple

Movebot has a philosophy of keeping things simple, and this applies to our MSP partnership program as well. There is no financial or minimum data commitment from your side to be part of the program but there are significant upsides including: 
  • Free premium support
  • Free on-boarding
  • Unlimited access to the tool
  • Per GB, not per user pricing model
  • Pay-as-you-go for each project (no subscriptions) 
  • And of course a discount on our already competitive data transfer rates
Free training and premium support is provided to all our MSP partners to enable them to be self-sufficient working on the basis of teaching a man to fish principle. 
We would love to have a chat with interested MSP’s about our partner program. If you are keen please get in touch with us at sales@movebot.io or check out the details here.  

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