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Movebot Professional Services

Bring in the professionals to help with your cloud migration.


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Migrations can be complex, we get that. We understand how valuable your data is and how daunting migrating your organisation to a new platform can be. 

Partner with our team and we can help you along the journey.


We are the experts in moving data

And have your back through the whole process

Simplified approach

We like to keep things simple, from our product to our approach to migrations.

Cloud storage experts

Having built a market leading data migration tool, Movebot has the team and the platform to get your migration done smoothly.

Dedicated team

Movebot’s professional service team is accessible and here to help. Even on the weekend

Frictionless migration

We work hard and are meticulous in making sure your data is migrated in a way that keeps end-users happy and there are no surprises.

Within budget and on time

Our team strives to achieve your timeline and will be honest with you when setting expectations. Your success is ours.

No IT know-how needed

We can complement your in-house expertise or drive the entire migration ourselves. It's up to you.


Experts in cloud storage

We are approved partners for Google, Dropbox, Box and Microsoft. Having delivered thousands of migrations, we have the experience and connections to make your migration work. 

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dropbox file migration

box file migration

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We will get back to you within 24 hours, we promise.

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