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Rapid Filebase Migrations


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filebase migration tool

Migrate your data to Filebase

Movebot is the safest, simplest and fastest migration tool to move 100s of TBs and PBs of data into Filebase.

Fully cloud hosted, managed and optimised, Movebot can easily transfer 100s of TBs into Filebase a day. 

Where are you moving from?

Movebot supports all cloud storage providers and on-premise servers. Migrate from Amazon, Azure, Google Cloud, Backblaze B2 and any other S3 compliant provider.

migrate to filebase from backblaze      amazon s3 to filebase

azure to filebase     google cloud to filebase

Cost-effective and scalable

Movebot will migrate your data for a one-off fee, you don't move every day, simply pay as you go.

  • No monthly subscription

  • No data limits - fully scalable

  • No downtime


Get Started Now

filebase migration tool

Self-service and simple

You don't need to be a technical wizard to migrate. Movebot is built with simplicity in mind. Anyone can have a migration started in minutes.

See Movebot's Filebase migration guide.

filebase migration tool guide

Need a Movebot Human?

Even though Movebot is fully automated, self-service and easy to use, we've got your back.

Access top notch support at support@movebot.io

Filebase migrations