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Migrate to Egnyte


Egnyte Migrations

Migrate users, content and data into Egnyte from file servers or other cloud platforms.

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Migrate files and users to Egnyte

Movebot provides scalable, fast and cost-effective file migrations into Egnyte from on-premises file systems and other cloud platforms.

Regardless if you have 5TB or 500TB, 10 users or 100,000, Movebot is fully cloud native and scalable to meet your migration projects demand. 


Where are you moving from?

Movebot supports all of the major cloud providers and on-premises file servers and shares. Migrate to Egnyte from Google Workspace, Box, OneDrive, SharePoint and Dropbox.

egnyte migration tool


More Complex Migration?

As well as helping you migrate to Egnyte, we have a fully featured self-service migration tool and expert professional service team.

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Shared Drives and Team Migrations

As well as supporting individual migrations, Movebot supports migrating teams, organizations and shared drives.

Supports Terrabytes of Data

Got loads of data? Movebot can quickly and easily move 100s of Terrabytes of data.

File Server to Cloud Migrations

Movebot securely moves data from on-premises file servers to the cloud using an easy to run Movebot Agent.

See how simple it is

See the link below for a guide on migrating an organization into Egnyte using Movebot.

See our Egnyte migration guide here.

Egnyte Migration guide

Egnyte Technology Partner

Movebot has you sorted, as an Egnyte Technology Partner we are recognized as the safe pair of digital hands to migrate your content and teams into Egnyte.

Egnyte Partner

Want to know more?

For a quote, assistance or to learn more, our Movebot team is more than happy to help!


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