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Dropbox Migration Tool


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Dropbox migration tool


Migrate files to Dropbox

Movebot provides scalable, fast and cost-effective file migrations into Dropbox from on-premises file systems and other cloud platforms.

Regardless if you have 5TB or 500TB, 10 users or 100,000, Movebot is fully cloud native and scalable to meet your migration project's demands. 



Regardless if you are migrating from an on-premises file server, a NAS or another cloud platform such as Google Drive, SharePoint or Box, Movebot has you covered. 

There is no software to install, or complex hoops to jump through. Movebot is fully secure and follows industry best practices, it harnesses secure API file transfer and ensures zero business interruption.

file migration to dropbox


Movebot dropbox migration partner


Dropbox's Chosen Migration Partner

As Dropbox's chosen migration partner, Movebot specializes in Dropbox migrations across all industries and sectors. Movebot provides you the ability to migrate files, users and drives from on-premises servers and cloud platforms (e.g. Box, Google Drive) to Dropbox. 

More Complex Migration?

As well as helping you migrate to Dropbox, Movebot also has a comprehensive range of features that help with your Dropbox adoption and cloud journey. These range from preserving permissions, to assisting with pre-migration planning using Movebot's scan functionality.


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Shared Drives and Team Migrations

As well as supporting individual migrations, Movebot supports migrating teams, organizations and shared drives.

Supports Terrabytes of Data

Got loads of data? Movebot can quickly and easily move 100s of Terrabytes of data.

File Server to Cloud Migrations

Movebot securely moves data from on-premises file servers to the cloud using an easy to run Movebot Agent.

dropbox migration tool



Movebot is fully self-service, to get started simply click below, sign up and start your migration. But, if you do need support or any assistance, we're happy to help!

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For a quote, assistance or to learn more, our Movebot team is more than happy to help!


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