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File Server to Cloud SFTP Migration


File Server to Cloud Migrations made simple with Movebot and SFTP


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Transfer to the cloud

Migrate your data from your File Server into the Cloud

Movebot provides the safest, simplest and most cost effective way to quickly migrate your data and teams to the cloud from your on-premise file server.


Quick as a flash and with the up-most care, we migrate and move your team members, shared drives, documents, backups, and complex folder hierarchy into your chosen cloud storage.

Where are you moving to?

Movebot supports all of your major cloud providers and on-premise servers. Migrate to Dropbox for Business, G Suite, SharePoint, Egnyte, OneDrive and Box.

Migrate to g suite from file server    migrate to sharepoint from file servermigrate to box from file server

migrate to dropbox for business from file server   migrate to egnyte from file server migrate to OneDrive from file server


More Complex Migration?

As well as helping you migrate from your file server to the cloud, we also have a few other tricks up our sleeve to get you there safe and sound.

Shared Drives and Team Migrations

As well as supporting individual migrations, Movebot supports migrating teams, organisations and shared drives.

Supports Terrabytes of Data

Got loads of data? Movebot can quickly and easily move 100s of Terrabytes of data.

On-premise Server to Cloud Migrations

Movebot securely moves data from on-premise servers to the cloud using SFTP, SMB/CIFs and FTP.

Cost effective and scalable

Movebot will migrate your data for a one-off fee, you don't move everyday, so simply pay as you go.


  • No monthly subscription

  • No data limits - fully scalable

  • No downtime

  • You're only charged when it's done

Less than 1TB

$0.39 per GB

100GB Included
Min charge $49.99

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More than 1TB

$0.25 per GB

Premium Support
No min charge

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See how simple it is


Want to see a quick guide on how easy Movebot makes migrating your data from your file server to the cloud?


See our file server migration guide here.

file server migration guide

Need a Movebot Human?


Even though Movebot is fully automated, totally reliable and dead easy to use, we've got your back.


Access top notch support at support@movebot.io

Movebot is the user friendly and simple way to migrate data