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Movebot Loadmaster 

A fast, alternative way to move data to the cloud.

What is Movebots Loadmaster?

Movebot Loadmaster is an alternative method for moving large amounts of data from your on-premises file servers into cloud storage without being limited by your upload speed.

Movebot will ship you an encrypted NAS (The Loadmaster), and all you need to do is transfer your data into it and send it back, we'll handle the rest. It's that easy.




It can take months to transfer data to the cloud on a slow connection. 50TB over a 100 Mbps connection would take 44 days, and that's if you have a dedicated link. Movebot Loadmaster can do it in half the time.


Fast, dedicated and reliable connections are expensive and require long term contracts. Movebot Loadmaster is an on-demand service that is ready for when you need it. As migrations tend to occur once, there is no commitment or ongoing costs. 


Movebot Loadmaster has best in class encryption. Your data is secure throughout the process and is transported by the best in the game. Your data is encrypted right through its journey into your cloud.

secure data migration service


Movebot Loadmaster is a key service for quickly migrating large amounts of content from your on-premises infrastructure into your cloud storage; whether this is SharePoint, Box , an S3 bucket or something in between.


We will send you a NAS, a 64 TB hard drive array with up to 2 Gbps connectivity. Fill up the NAS and return it back to us for quick upload inside a secure Movebot location.


The Loadmasters range from 10TB to 64 TB of storage capacity. At the time of order, a refundable  deposit will be charged. Upon return receipt of the NAS, your deposit will be refunded less any damages & overage fees.


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$0.39/GB up to 10TB
$0.29/GB above 10TB

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