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Team Storage Migrations


Simply and quickly migrate content, users, teams and shared drives between storage platforms. 


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business migrations

drive and user migrations


Business Content and User Migrations

Migrate between cloud storage platforms, or from on-premise file servers to the cloud. Movebot makes it simple, secure and affordable, without the need for software deployment or complex processes. 


Whether you are transferring a single drive, a team or an entire organization, Movebot's cloud migration tool has been built to make your life easier.

Zero Impact Migrations

A benefit of Movebot is the ability for you to migrate your users, content and teams when it suits you, without disrupting the productivity of teams and minimizing change management challenges.


Movebot carefully "copies and pastes" your data between platforms, ensuring there is zero risk to your business operations. 


Once you've made the initial migration, you simply enable cloud sync to keep the data on your destination platform up to date.


zero impact migrations

advanced content migrations

Advanced and Complex Migrations

When moving from one platform to another, there is a lot to consider; from content, permissions, versions to shared drives. We understand the time and effort that has gone into getting your current platform to where it is and how much of a loss it would be to not bring it across. 

Leave Nothing Behind

Let Movebot handle the preservation of permissions and metadata, as well as automatic file error resolution. Including; sanitization of filenames and conversion of file types to help your files make it across to your new platform.

cloud migration error handling


Movebot content insights


Reporting and Analysis 

Break down and understand your migrations at an individual level or at the project level with Movebot's easy to understand reporting.


Analyze and visualize your migration data down to the last modified time of files, file types right through to file sizes. That way you know what is being migrated and it's status pre and post migration. 

Supported Platforms

See below for a list of the major business storage platforms that Movebot supports. 


Dropbox migrations


Dropbox | Dropbox Business | Team Drives


Google Drive migrations


Google Drive | Google Drive Enterprise | Shared Drives


egnyte migrations


sharepoint migrations

SharePoint Online

onedrive migrations

OneDrive | OneDrive for Business

box migrations

Enterprise | Service Accounts

file server migrations

Server 2008 | Server 2012 | Server 2016 | Server 2019



sftp migrations






Automated Mapping

Start your migration sooner by harnessing Movebot's automated user and shared drive discovery and mapping. Preventing you from mapping the source and destination user or shared drive individually.

Execution Speed

Migrations can be time critical. You get the control to add more compute to each individual execution to improve performance.

Granular Control

Have full control of your migrations by only moving specific file types. Migrate your priority files first, so you have your business running on your new cloud faster. Then migrate the remainder of the data across. 

Simulation & Discovery

Run a scan on your source platform to identify the data that will be migrated, how much content there is and any challenges that we will attempt to resolve. That way when time comes to migrate, you know what to expect.

Data Sovereignty Covered

To ensure your data is always safe and kept within borders, you can choose which region your migration is executed from. We support over 10 locations globally. 

Cloud Sync

Keep your destination platform up to date. Once you've done the initial migration, enable cloud sync to perform regular updates to transfer modified data to your destination platform. 


Project Support

Whether you are looking to move organizations, departments or teams, Movebot's project support enables you to segment your migration into multiple projects. This ensures you have the granularity and advanced control over your migration each stage.

Logging and Compliance

Complete transparency and real-time logging during your migration to follow what is happening. As well, post-migration reports and downloadable audit of what users and data have been migrated to meet governance requirements.

Secure Architecture

Let Movebot's secure and modern architecture migrate your data in a secure and scalable manner. Each individual migration is run on it's own compute workers and no data is ever saved on Movebot's infrastructure. On completion the workers are destroyed. 

easy cloud transfer



Self-manage your migrations right from sign up through Movebot's fully cloud managed tool, that has a simple and user friendly interface. 


See our community and knowledge base for guides and walkthroughs on how to migrate to your chosen platform.



Accessible Support

We have a friendly, accessible and helpful team available to support and answer any queries or assist regardless how big or small.


Feel free to send an email through and we'll get right back to you.


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