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Replicate Amazon S3 to Wasabi

Posted by Jayden @ Movebot on Nov 10, 2020 9:39:47 AM

Replicating data between two platforms, especially when you have millions of files can prove difficult to find a robust and affordable solution. Even more, when replicating the likes of Veeam backups between Amazon S3 and Wasabi.


When it comes to replicating between the two, we recommend backing up to Wasabi and then replicate to Amazon S3. This is due to Wasabi not having egress fees and being more affordable off the line. Having no egress fees will help reduce cost phenomenally as if you were to back up and then replicate from Amazon S3, you would have egress fees and additional API charges that could ramp up quickly.

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Topics: Wasabi, Cloud Storage, amazon s3, veeam, replication