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Box to Amazon S3 transfers

Posted by Jayden @ Movebot on Oct 14, 2020 2:31:22 PM

Box is a great tool for secure collaboration, especially in the current working from home and remote office environment we have adopted. Although Box is cloud native and offers unlimited storage on their business plans, at times you may choose to backup to Amazon S3 or replicate data to S3 for other purposes, such as development. Unfortunately most tools out there only support object storage or enterprise collaboration suites, but not both. This is where Movebot can assist as it supports anything from S3 to Box and traditional file servers. This article will cover how to transfer your data between Box and Amazon S3 (and any other object storage).

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Topics: Cloud Storage, box, s3, aws, amazon s3

Simple Object Storage Migrations

Posted by Jayden @ Movebot on Sep 22, 2020 4:58:30 PM

Migrating data between object storage platforms is difficult and can take a lot of time. This post will cover how to migrate data between two object storage endpoints, whether it is Amazon S3, Azure Blob, IBM S3, Dell EMC, Wasabi, Cloudian, GCP or anything in between using Movebot. 


In reality, if you have your bucket names and API keys ready to go, this will take less than a minute. 

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Topics: Object Storage, Wasabi, Data Lake, Cloud Storage, On-Premise, Backblaze, s3, cloudian, data center, ibm, netapp, dell emc, aws, gcp, azure