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On-Premise to the Cloud: The Easy Way

Posted by Jayden @ Movebot on Jun 11, 2020 2:25:50 PM
Jayden @ Movebot


There is no better time than now, to migrate your on-premise storage to the cloud. The cloud could be; AWSAzureGoogle CloudWasabi or OneDriveGoogle Drive, etc.

First thing is first, where do you start? Alooma covers some best practices and reasons to move to the cloud in their Best Practices for Migrating from on-prem to the Cloud article. Some of the reasons to move to the cloud are; Cost Efficiency, Performance and Security. Throughout the article they start to move into migration plans and challenges that lie ahead.


For your cloud migration plan New Relic has a solid checklist that can help ensure a smooth transition. This encompasses an architecture role, through to baselines, refactoring and creating the actual data migration plan.


Now comes the methods, there is an array of methods in getting yourself to the cloud seen here. Often the cheapest option isn’t always the best, as there are other flaws whether it be corruption, security or overall transfer performance.


Once your data is finally in the cloud, there is the need to keep it up to date, or sync’d between your current on-site infrastructure and the new cloud storage. One tip is to make sure whatever solution or third party product you choose to get you there also supports the sync of new and modified files.


With COVID-19 showing that cloud, remote working and collaboration is possible. There is really no excuse to not move to the cloud and continue down your digital transformation journey. More and more clouds are becoming compliant with security standards and reside in most countries to ensure data sovereignty is maintained. For example Box is great to use for collaboration and content management, whereas Wasabi Cloud is affordable hot cloud storage that is superb at storing large amounts of data.


If you are looking to move from on-premise storage to the cloud easily, check out Movebot below.



Movebot is a simple to use web based tool that you can trust as it is secure and has a friendly and approachable team. Based out of New Zealand with infrastructure presence throughout the world, they are truly a service you can count on.


When moving from on-premise infrastructure there is no need to download software or agents, it supports you using the native SFTP, SMB/CIFS and NFS applications. Additionally, it scales to your demands, 100GB? Sure, 1000TB even easier.


As Movebot is completely self service, you log in, connect your source and destination storage and set some additional settings, for example you can add additional worker nodes to improve performance up to x10.


Check out some guides see below:



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