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Movebot announces file server agent

Posted by Jayden @ Movebot on Jan 5, 2021 10:49:29 AM
Jayden @ Movebot

After the year that has been, it's clear that the need for businesses to migrate to the cloud is paramount. This is not only to enable collaboration for those working from home, but also to ensure data security is governed correctly and maintained throughout the work day. It's time to remove the pesky VPNs that keep breaking and reboot that old file server into the cloud. 

To help businesses migrate their users, content and data structure into the cloud, Movebot has released an easy to run agent that works across Windows machines. There is still no need to install any software, it runs as a simple executable that turns your file server into "just another cloud" for Movebot to migrate from. 

File Server migration to cloud

Configuring the Windows file server agent


It is simple to configure your file server ready for migration, it only takes 3 steps, and for a hint, it doesn't involve touching your firewall.


  • Download the executable and copy the provided token

  • Add the copied token and connect to Movebot

  • The agent will connect and you can continue with the migration

Movebot file server migration agent migration

  • Once you are connected you can work through your file server and locate the content and users to migrate, to then map to your destination users and drives.

migration from file server

file share to cloud migration

An important note, when migrating from a local file server, be sure to select a Movebot region under advanced settings to migrate from that is closest to you, this is to improve performance and also maintain data sovereignty. If you don't see a region you require, then please reach out to the team and see if we can establish an ad-hoc region for you.


Another option that you have is the ability to run a discovery scan across your file server which simulates a migration and will show you any errors that may be encountered, a breakdown of the data and analytics of the content. 

file server migration scan


Movebot keeps migrations simple, whether it is on-premise to the cloud, or cloud to cloud. It's always simple, fast and cost-effective.


Head to movebot.io and begin your migration today. For a detailed guide on migrating from a File Server to a cloud platform head to our knowledge base.



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