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How to migrate Google Drive to OneDrive

Posted by Jayden @ Movebot on Jan 12, 2021 12:14:15 PM
Jayden @ Movebot

If you are looking to migrate your business's Google Workspace or your individual Google Drive into Microsoft's OneDrive this can prove to be difficult and take a long time, especially when you have a large amount of data or users.


Google and OneDrive are fundamentally different in how they handle data, Google for one is a bit of a wild west where you can have duplicate files, it supports Google Doc format (which no one else does) and accepts all character types and formats. Contrary OneDrive does not allow duplicate files in the same folder, supports Microsoft's file formats and has character limitations. Due to just these reasons, moving between Google Drive and OneDrive can cause headaches and unwanted stress. 

OneDrive migration tool
Movebot offers a fully cloud hosted migration tool that can help you migrate into OneDrive from Google Drive. Movebot is simple, easy to use and fast. Compared to its competitors it is the most cost-effective tool on the market and is often more than 50% cheaper. 

Google drive to onedrive

Movebot integrates natively with OneDrive and can handle error handling to streamline your OneDrive migration and ensure you don't leave anything behind. Movebot will automatically correct OneDrive character faults that may crop up during the migration and convert Google Docs into Microsoft Format on the fly!


As Movebot is fully cloud hosted, it means that you don't need to manage the infrastructure or install any software. Additionally, due to this Movebot can scale to meet your demand. Each transfer (user, drive, site, etc.) is run on its own dedicated compute node (worker) ensuring that not only are migrations secure, but also performant. With this you can add more compute to your larger transfers to increase the performance and throughput. Due to this it doesn't matter if you have 100 users or 30,000, Movebot's infrastructure is scalable and isn't here to muck around. 


Another option that you have is the ability to run a preflight discovery scan across your source platform which simulates a migration and will show you any errors that may be encountered, a breakdown of the data and analytics of the content. 

onedrive migration scan


Movebot keeps OneDrive migrations simple, whether it is, hundreds of users or thousands of users, on-premise to the cloud, or cloud to cloud. It's always simple, fast and cost-effective. 


Head to movebot.io and begin your migration today. For a detailed guide on migrating to OneDrive head to our knowledge base.



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