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How much data does my business really have?

Posted by Jayden @ Movebot on Jan 18, 2023 12:29:50 PM
Jayden @ Movebot

Having a look at your cloud storage from an administrator point of view can often be confusing, especially when it comes to identifying how much data you actually have across your platform and within folders. Google not counting Google Docs size doesn't help and having file versions can often add extra data where you don't expect it. 

We will run through a couple challenges our customer have when it comes to identifying how much data they have and also go over scan tools that will run through your data source and identify how much data you have and break it down to last modified, types, etc. 



Google Docs

As already mentioned, Google Drive does not count the size of their own proprietary document formats. As you can see from the below a Google Doc that shows no file size in Drive, once downloaded shows 6KB. 

Google Drive Docs don't weigh a thing




File Versions 

When looking through your file structure, you may notice some folders show different data totals than what is in inside the folder. This is because of file versions. This can be seen in Box as an example.
Box size differences



Google Docs in Box

Much like having Google Docs in Google Drive, having Google file types in Box also show as 0 bytes, this is because the files are stored in Google and behave the same way as above. However, to get the file size, click on the file and hit details to the right and it will give you a total file size.

Google Drive files in Box




Different file sizes 

Most of the storage platforms use different calculations, compression and algorithms to count how much data you have, it's often not until you move the data out or scan your storage you can get the "real" tangible data size. Although the below image (right click and open image in new tab' for a bigger image) is only .2KBs smaller, if you get larger files or if you have millions of files then this soon adds up.

box and google drive file size differences






For any help or assistance, or for more information on cloud data replication or migrations please don't hesitate to reach out to our Movebot humans, or visit our website and knowledge base.



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