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Egnyte chooses Movebot

Posted by Jayden @ Movebot on Mar 8, 2022 7:14:01 AM
Jayden @ Movebot

Egnyte chooses Movebot

Leading content security and governance solution Egnyte has chosen Movebot as their data migration partner of choice. Movebot, from leading cloud data expert Couchdrop, is fast gaining a global reputation as a secure, safe and flexible platform for data migration.

The new strategic partnership with Movebot allows Egnyte’s professional services team to assist new and existing customers in consolidating and migrating data to the Egnyte cloud platform quickly and securely, ensuring total data integrity with no loose ends. Customers will benefit from the cumulative skills and experience of Egnyte’s professional services team, as well as the up-to-date migration expertise of Movebot’s cloud experts, including a superior onboarding and adoption journey as you transition to Egnyte from your current on-premise or cloud platform.

At a time when secure data storage and fast, accurate access are becoming essential for every organisation, the Egnyte-Movebot partnership creates a winning combination of data management, file sharing, security and compliance services with a world-leading cloud data migration service.

If you’d like to know more, please contact info@movebot.io. Alternatively talk to your Movebot account manager.


Launched in 2020, Movebot is a next generation data migration tool that services the growing demand among businesses to transition to cloud storage. Movebot is both fast and affordable, becoming partner-of-choice for cloud storage vendors and IT service partners globally. Couchdrop – parent company of Movebot – is renowned for cloud data tools that make cloud storage simple, costeffective, removing the need for on-premises infrastructure or expensive legacy enterprise solutions. Couchdrop’s SaaS solutions make it easy for you to move to the cloud while retaining your existing data and live file workflows. https://www.movebot.io/


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