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Dallen Clark

Dallen Clark

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Should you do managed or self-service data migration?

Posted by Dallen Clark on Nov 25, 2022 12:03:34 PM

You were happy with your cloud storage provider. Then, they changed. No longer would they offer the same features, price, or support that you needed. So you gave them an ultimatum: Think about your needs or you’re leaving them for good. 


When they responded that they were happy with the way they’ve become, you made good on your word and decided to go. But, you have a lot of stuff at their place, and need it out. Are you going to do it all yourself or have the movers stop by and handle everything for you? 


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The Price is Right: Affordable Data Transfers with Movebot

Posted by Dallen Clark on Nov 23, 2022 3:14:04 PM
For most people, there’s one question that will always come up when considering a new product or service: How much does it cost? Is the price right for what you get?
Movebot costs 39 cents per gigabyte transferred. 
That’s it. No subscription cost, no data connection fees, no “Fee” fees. 
The whole premise of Movebot is to make data moving simple and straightforward. So our pricing model is simple and straightforward. We want to give you the best value by having you pay for what you use and what you need.
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Why doesn't Movebot delete files?

Posted by Dallen Clark on Nov 18, 2022 12:09:26 PM

We’ve all done it. Deleted a file by accident. Saved something after making a stupid mistake. Overwritten our main save file with a save state a frame before being sniped. Depending on how critical the file was, you can be left with a lot more trouble than having to redo a few hours of gameplay. You can put your company at risk or even face fines or worse. 
At Couchdrop we aim to make data moving simple. One of the things we’re often asked is if our Movebot software can sync deleted files–if you start a data migration and a file is removed at the source, will it show up at the destination? 
Our answer is yes. It will be there. 
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Topics: Cloud Migration, Data Migration, Movebot